Coupon failure/bug and Credit Card and other issues/enquiries

Hi Jenny,

I’ve just paid for the month to try instabook and before I open it up to my students, I need help with a few things:

I created a coupon for them to sign up for free (as a way to transfer their credits from the previous scheduling system), however, when I test the code two things happen:

  1. even though the class is now essentially FREE, it still asks for credit card information (bug on the system)
  2. even when I put the credit card down, it gives me an ERROR code, not accepting the card
    (I bypassed this, by changing the free coupon into a 96% off, so they still have to pay a few p.
    However, this is not sustainable and not free, and will lower conversion rates.)
  3. Zoom integration is not currently working - zoom says I cannot pre-authorize instabook - can this be fixed soon?
  4. There is no option to stop students booking a class too far in advance (ie no further than 14 days), which causes control issues (ie: if I need to cancel a class in the future, it’s unprofessional when there is already a booking in there). Bypassing it by creating class every two weeks is causing admin overload.
  5. Zapier integration to connect instabook with email service?

To recap:

  1. We need FREE coupon options
  2. When redeeming the FREE coupons, to remove the ask for credit card details.
  3. zoom integration to work
  4. Stop students booking a class too far in the future
  5. Zapier integration request

Many thanks


Hey there,

I believe we have replied to your email but if you have not received this, please let us know!

Best wishes,