On demand freezing problems

Hey, I was wondering if you might be able to help. I’m having real problems with the on demand library, and emails like the attached I’m getting about once a week from clients. I don’t know what to do? They are saying the videos freeze and obviously this isn’t good enough when they are paying a monthly subscription. I’m having to offer refunds but this isn’t a long term solution. Instabook guys do you have an update on this as it’s been going on for months. If not then I’m going to have to find an alternative platform provider which I don’t want to do as have been with you from the beginning. But as my membership continues to grow for on-demand then I need something which is slick and runs properly. Thanks, Katie

We are having the same problem. Instabook have responded that there is an issue if playing larger file sizes where clients don’t have superfast broadband style connection. We too have had to refund clients which is frustrating. The last I heard from Jenny at Instabook they were looking at what could be done but it would take some time. If this is an issue for multiple Instabook clients I would suggest we all raise this. One way to ease the problem is to make the file sizes you upload as small as possible.

Also here’s some other things for your users to try that sometimes fixes it for us…

If you experience technical issues when using either our booking system or playing classes from our on-demand library, please do the following:

– Ensure you are using Safari or Chrome browser
– Run all updates on your device
– Delete all cookies
– Try again

Hi there,

We apologize for these issues that some of your clients are experiencing, we totally get the frustration!

Whilst we look at a larger solution we can now look at converting files on a one by one basis. Please email me at hello@tryinstabook.com and I can start converting your files and we can test if this helps your clients who have had issues.

Best wishes,


Jenny do you mean give you the names of videos that you would convert?

Hi Kirsty!

If you email us at hello@tryinstabook.com with video examples that are buffering we can take a deeper dive into those specific videos, look to convert and see if this helps for those who are experiencing this issue.

Best wishes,