On demand videos

Can anyone advise how they record and edit their videos to upload on Instabook please? What equipment and software do you recommend please? It would only take one or two recordings to fill up my phone/ i-pad/laptop storage and gets difficult using i-movie to cut etc with uploading/downloading.

Is there a walk through or demo for setting up an on demand video library please?

Is there much functionality on payments for Video library? I would ideally like options to become a recurring on-demand member AND the option to buy a one off 6 week challenge at a higher price. Can video series be used for this purpose?


Hey there,

For any tips on best practices to film, equipment to use etc Digital Yoga Academy have some great tools and resources you could check out - https://digitalyogaacademy.com/

In terms of payments set up on Instabook, yes you can add a video library only membership which is by default a monthly auto renew membership so if you want a “6 week challenge” this would be best set up as a one-off payment via a Class Pack and make is valid for 6 weeks from purchase or set specific valid to and from dates.

Video Series cannot be sold seperately, they are a way to categories videos for you clients :slight_smile:

I hope this helps but if anything is unclear please let us know!

Jenny at Instabook

Hi Jenny,

Thank you for the recommendation- will check them out.

Not sure if I understand correctly. Is it possible to have multiple class packs on videos (ie a six week one expiry one, and another 1 year general membership)?

On a separate note, I’d really like some integrated marketing (ie.Loyal Snap, Brand Bot or Mailchimp), is this something that Instabook are working on please?