How do waitlists for studio classes work?

Now that we can (almost!) open our studios again; how do waitlists work? Is there a video or anything that explains this? Can I have a waitlist and limit the number of people going on the waitlist? If someone cancels, who will be emailed first or will the first one on the waitlist automatically be added? Can I charge people when they cancel outside the cancellation window but still free up the mat for someone from the waitlist?

Congratulation on (almost!) opening your studio! We know the past 14 months have been exceptionally challenging so we’re super excited for May 17th in the UK!

Great question, the way waitlists work is that once the class is at full capacity and a client tried to book on the waitlist will automatically kick in. There is no limit on how many people can be added to the waitlist but once a spot becomes available, everyone on the list will be notified at the same time and it will be first come first serve.

In terms of charging when a client cancels outside of the cancellation window, you can do this but it will need to be manually done via your Stripe account. The way Instabook is set up for late cancels is that the client will just lose out on their credit.

Please let me know if you have any further questions or if anything is unclear.

We’re here to help you re-open with ease so if there is anything we can do to help please let us know!

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I can’t find where to set the cancellation window? I know it was there but I just can’t find it anymore and need it urgently.

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You can find your cancellation window under Settings and sits within the Business section.

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Found it. I was better before though, where you could choose for each class. I can’t force a 12h cancellation on people for Zoom classes, that’s too strict and makes no sense. However, I do need that kind of cancellation window for Live classes in the studio so people don’t abuse it by booking and cancelling last minute. Is there an option for that?

Hi there, there isn’t an option yet but it is a really valid piece of feedback so we’ll certainly take it on board, thank you.

Has anything happened in that direction yet? Autumn and hopefully better attended studios are upon us.

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We still only operate with one cancellation window so whichever window you have selected will be for both online and live in-person classes.

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